Repeating non-null data in tables

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There may be situations where you only want the user to print a table with rows that contain data. This is particularly useful where a user is presented with a table containing many rows. Once the user has selected the rows that are applicable, the print buttons allow the user to print only the information that is relevant. Read more »

How often events fire and their sequence

Posted in: LiveCycle- Nov 21, 2010 1 Comment

Some events fire more often than others. Depending on what the designer is trying to achieve, this can be inefficient and may not have the desired effect at runtime. Another issue is the sequence in which events fire. A designer may have a requirement for several scripts to fire in a certain sequence. Having an understanding of how LC Designer and Acrobat fire events can help at design time. Read more »

Moving objects around a form

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From time to time you may want to allow a user to move objects (in this case buttons) around your form. Here we wanted the user to be able position markers within a grid. The number (caption) of the button related to a particular solution in a table. Read more »

Using LiveCycle Forms in Acrobat and Reader

Posted in: LiveCycle- Nov 18, 2010 5 Comments

Sometimes a person will develop a form and test it on their PC with Acrobat. When they are happy with the look, feel and functionality they will send it out to users. If the users have Reader then some of the functionality may not be available, leading to frustration. Read more »

Script to access the menu items in Acrobat/Reader

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I had been trying to access Acrobat menu commands from within an XFA form. Some of these are readably available, however the problem remained however as the command I wanted to access was restricted for security reasons. Read more »