Building dynamic tables

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This example works through the steps in building a dynamic table. It includes screen shots and scripts that are necessary. It also shows how to organise your objects into flowed and positioned subforms.

Download: Assure Dynamics Building dynamic tables

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  1. Jon says:

    This is one of the coolest examples! Thanks for creating it.

  2. Srinivas says:

    This is very useful, knowledge sharing, helpful web site

    Hi Neil, This is Srinivas, usulally, posts questions in the adobe LC designer forum

    Thank you for creating it


  3. NIKOS says:

    I had spent a lot of time trying to find what I found here.
    Good job!

  4. Name says:

    Hi, Niall

    I am using your script below for a button on click event, to move data from a row to another row.
    AllSub subform includes 2 subforms(SubformA and SubformB).

    Is it possible to move the data from SubformB only, SubformA data must remain the same as is!

    The script below moves data from both Subforms.

    Thank you

    var nIndex =AllSub.index;

    if ((nIndex + 1) < _AllSub.count)


    var nIndexFrom = nIndex;

    var nIndexTo = nIndex + 1;

    _AllSub.moveInstance(nIndexFrom, nIndexTo);




    this.caption.font.fill.color.value = "255,0,0";

    • NiallODonovan says:


      The issue is that the moveInstance() method will move the particular instance of the repeating object (AllSub). All of the contents of that instance of AllSub will be moved, including SubformA AND SubformB.

      The only option would be to set SubFormA and SubformB to be the repeating instances.

      Good luck,


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