Script to access the menu items in Acrobat/Reader

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I had been trying to access Acrobat menu commands from within an XFA form. Some of these are readably available, however the problem remained however as the command I wanted to access was restricted for security reasons.There are a wide range of scripts that can be used to access menu items in Acrobat. However some of these are blocked for security reasons. There are a range of menu items that are still accessible; however the syntax is not always clear. This PDF (XFA form) provides the script for the Acrobat menu items that are currently permitted. It also has XFA equivalents and Acrobat JavaScript equivalents, where these are available. The form is set up so that you can access the scripts by clicking the buttons. The scripts appear in a dialogue and can be copied directly into LiveCycle Designer.

Still, armed with the list of commands I prepared a form in which to test each of the commands and create a library of commands that worked.

I have loosely grouped the scripts by function. You can preview the script by clicking the button. This allows you easy access to the script without having to open the form in LC Designer:

The user can copy the script direct from the dialogue window.

Where there is an XFA equivalent, I have provided this as an option:

Lastly, where a function can be accessed via a menu item and via Acrobat JavaScript I have included this as well:

At this stage I am reasonable happy that the list of scripts accessing menu items is complete (currently not restricted). In relation to XFA equivalents and Acrobat JavaScript equivalents, there may be some that I have missed.

This mini-project started out with the aim of having a list of Acrobat menu items that could be accessed in LC Designer. Clearly there is a wide range of other Acrobat functionality that is not associated with a menu that can be accessed via JavaScript. These are not catalogued here.

Here I am providing an updated version of the form. This version has not being signed, so functions like attaching a file now work.

The sample form is available here.

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